a Myrtle Beach computer consultant

g13 provides network and security consulting as well as website design. g13 is Microsoft and Cisco certified.

Garrett Bayer, owner of g13 Computers, is quite the savvy computer person you need to see if you find yourself flummoxed with your lack of computer knowledge. Over the years he has helped us with our computer and tablet and Wi Fi issues...repairing, cleaning, purchasing, and installing. When I ask him a question, he teaches me without being condescending about my lack of computer expertise.

Dependability is a key concern for anyone needing computer help. Garrett has always been prompt in returning a phone call or e-mail concern. If he says that he’ll be at your home at 4:30...he’s there at 4:30! Garrett’s manner is low-key in nature. He is personable, polite, and respectful. I think a goal of his is to share his knowledge with others...without gouging their pocketbooks. You’ll find that his incomparable diligence will always make him the man to go to when you’re in need of a “computer guy”.
— Paulette v Cook
There have been many times when we have needed the knowledge that Garrett possesses to get us either through a snag or to upgrade our computers. He has worked on both our laptops and our desktop. He is always calm when he is working and makes suggestions that he knows will keep them working for a long time. We have had our desktop computer for at least 15 years and works great with his help. Thanks to Garrett we have computers that work great!
— Belinda Schanel
Very courteous and respectful; I wouldn’t take my computer to anyone else! G13 Computers is the way to go!
— RJ Jenkins
We had originally contacted g13 to work on an old (15yr) computer. They managed to clean it, delete a virus and improve it’s speed. 2 years later we opted for a new desktop computer and g13 installed it quickly with no surprises. The costs were very reasonable.
— Paul Rotondo
Very knowledgeable and easy to work with; very dedicated to his craft.
— Mike Schanel

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