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Website Ads - Opt Out

I recently have been noticing more and more ads on the websites that I visit, just about, daily. Yes, these ads are targeted to things that are interesting to see, however, I would rather NOT see them. For instance...I logged onto The Weather Channel website today and an ad for logo valve stem caps on Amazon appeared. I had searched for Acura logoed valve stem caps on Amazon previously, however, now that I was checking the weather I did not want to see an ad at the top of the website! What can be done about this? Do I have any privacy rights?

The answer to both of these questions is YES! By going to the The Digital Advertising Alliance Consumer Choice Page: aboutads.info/choices you may opt out of types of ads. I check marked the Select All Shown and then clicked Submit My Choices and viola no more ads when I check the weather! This Opt Out covers numerous websites not just the Weather Channel.

The Digital Advertising Alliance created browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Once you complete the Opt Out you can add the extension to your browsers to remember your choices. These extensions can be found at: aboutads.info/PMC#protect-your-choices-for-firefox

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