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Power Protection

After you have invested hard earned money in a personal computer, monitor and printer; it is important to protect that investment. A surge protector is an quick and easy way to protect your computer equipment from power surges. Personally I recommend (and use) a battery backup. This device utilizes surge protection and additionally has a battery.

Here is the difference between the two. If the power blinks out with a surge protector; all the devices plugged into the protector will turn off when they lose power. With a battery backup...when the power blinks out; the devices plugged into the "battery" portion of the battery backup will stay on when they lose power. This is important because the immediate lose of power to a computer can cause file corruption.

In terms of devices to plug into a battery backup I recommend: your modem, router, desktop computer and monitor. With this configuration: if the power goes out you will (for a period of minutes) still have internet (provided the cable did not go out too), wireless, and your computer.

Several companies make Battery Backups...I prefer APC (by Schneider Electric).

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