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Speeding up a PC (Part 2)

In Part 1 I discussed the CPU as it relates to overall PC speed. In this Part I will focus on the RAM or memory and the affect it has on PC speed.

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a module that plugs into the motherboard. By increasing the amount of RAM we can increase the speed at which programs on the computer operate. 

RAM has two factors: memory capacity (measured in GB) and memory speed (measured in MHz). A typical Windows 8 computer may have 4GB of RAM with 1333MHz. In many cases this could be upgraded to 8GB 1600MHz RAM. This doubles the usable memory allowing programs to operate much faster. Generally this type of upgrade is not very expensive; averaging under $100. Research is required because the RAM must "fit" the motherboard.  

Crucial memory has an excellent tool for checking your systems memory. It is called the Crucial System Scanner you may download it from their website:  http://www.crucial.com/ This program will tell you the amount of RAM installed, how many modules, the type of RAM and how much it can be upgraded too!

Part 3 will focus on the Hard Drive; new types of drives can dramatically increase PC speed.

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