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g13 provides network and security consulting as well as website design. g13 is Microsoft and Cisco certified.


Antivirus programs are necessary to have on your personal and business computers. The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report says a PC without an Antivirus Program is five times more likely to become infected than one running an Antivirus Program.

Viruses can prohibit a computer from booting properly. They can make a computer run very slowly. Viruses can attack other computers on the same network. They can steal information from the infected computer.

I recommend using Microsoft Security Essentials for several reasons. First of all it's free! Secondly; it is non-intrusive and will not slow down your PC when it is running. Thirdly; a Microsoft product running on a Microsoft Operating System will work well together. You can download it free here.

If you are concerned that your personal computer is not protected contact g13 computers today! 


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